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Various bits fall off pianos from time to time! Below are some of the things you may need. If what you want is not shown, contact me anyway, and I may be able to track it down.

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   Spare key tops
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I have both black and white key top spares to replace those missing on your piano, or I can completely replace them with new ones.

   Keys (for the lock!)
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You may need to secure the lid against young children. One of a limited range of key types will probably fit your piano.
   Music tray stays
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These are always going missing. I sometimes have old ones, and may be able to match the one you've got left, or I can make up new ones.
   Candle sconces
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Treat your old piano to a pair of sconces! I have an original pair at the moment, but can always get reproduction ones.
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Sometimes they're missing, sometimes they're jammed. I've got some old ones which could match yours, or can order in new ones. Don't worry about fitting them, I'll do that too! The picture shows one of a pair of special 'safety' castors, used for example on school or church pianos to prevent toppling.
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Occasionally pedals break. Again, I've got some old ones which could match yours, or can order in new ones, and fit them as well.


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